Hi! I'm Alec. I'm a photographer, writer, designer, and musician.

People hire me to kill many birds with one stone. I've worked from coast to coast with businesses of all shapes and sizes. I can write your copy, design your logo, photograph your products, build your website, and serve you a cup of tea while doing it. Though I wear many hats, I'm increasingly focused on what comes most naturally to me: writing, editing, and interviewing.

My friends love me because I'm culturally voracious and omnivorous. Here's what I'm reading, listening to, and looking at. Relatedly, I've pursued one of the most circumfluent careers of anyone you're likely to meet. In the process, I've come to approach life less like a classical score and more like a jazz improvisation. Naturally, I ended up in New Orleans. I have lots of stories to tell. If you could use help telling your own, I'd love to talk.

Banting's is a local institution and an amazing retail greenhouse with locations on the westbank of the Mississippi River and the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain. They came to me to spruce up their outdated website, which I did with the help of my friend, Edward Reed: programmer, autodidact, and all-around extraordinaire.

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Ziemer Ophthalmology is a Swiss manufacturer of lasers used for LASIK and cataract surgery. So far I've been contracted to design and copyedit a bevy of their internal and external brochures, and more recently, a large poster to be displayed in the offices of the many ophthalmologists who use their lasers on a daily basis. It's been both challenging and rewarding to work within the tight design standards of a company whose culture stands for precision on so many levels. Because their marketing department in Switzerland is perpetually swamped, more is always on the way!

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The Posse Foundation is one of the most comprehensive and renowned college access and youth leadership development programs in the US, with operations in nine cities. Since becoming the photographer for the New Orleans branch, I've covered a number of their events and provided shots of their graduates for both print and digital marketing materials.

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